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Cycling accessories

Pee “in” the bib shorts, how?

Er…… a little awkward question but we have to face.

For men, this is simple easy, just pulled down in the front and bent over if necessary, just aim the target carefully.

Most of the bibs have the enough stretch. And someone feedback that it’s not workable though, this is will have the fit problem, your bib shorts maybe too small you can wear one size bigger. Or slip the straps off your shoulder and onto the top your arms and then pull, this is will much easy then just pulled down in the front directly. If this all not helping, then pull down all the bib straps, pull the bib short leg up…

Hum… someone told me “we rather not to pee” and “if have to pee, at least

100% polyester magic scarf 

100% polyester cycling cap

The bib short will dry quickly, they are with the quick dry fabric”. I love all of your guy, I love all of your sense of humor. Great job, man! 

For women, unfortunately, it’s not simple easy as most of the bib shorts not consider the women pee issue. Need you pause your ride, then remove out the jersey. Super inconvenience. For my option, I suggest women try to find a safe and secret place. To make it clear I am not a male chauvinism, but women really need to protect yourself outside. 

Cycling accessories (caps, arm warmers, scarfs…)

We had talked too many about the cycling jersey, bib shorts, wind vest, jackets… Lots of cyclist feedback: is there any cycling accessories can recommend to? Sure and totally yes. As a over 10 years experience with sports wear factory we make various of sportswear such like : cycling caps, magic scarf, head bands, arm/ knee /leg warmers, and kinds of bands (head, arm, neck, leg, wrist…)

100% polyester cycling cap

100% polyester magic scarf

100% polyester head bands

100% polyester arm warmers

100% polyester knee warmers

100% polyester leg warmers

What fabrics are use on Winter and Summer cycling clothing?

All the cycling accessories fabric depend on the season, with the hot weather will use the 100% polyester, super light weight and quick dry fabric, as well as breathable. Man, hot weather especially summer really needs these products make us feel comfortable and then enjoy the cycling.

For the cold climate, still with the same product just the fabric will difference, will use the fleece fabric to keep warm and breathable. The summer cycling accessories items mainly trying to make you feel cool, and the winter items of course need to keep warm and not looks too heavy.

100% polyester magic scarf

Custom your own style, let us know your ideas.