Project Description

Cyling jersey and MTB jersey

What are the appearance difference?

When we say the cycling generally means cycling on the road, and you need to choose a narrow tire. With the MTB (mountain bicycle) a wider tire would be the best choose. And sometime we also call the MTB jersey (mountain bike jersey) and DH jersey (downhill jersey).

But what’s the difference with them? When you wondering about and search on the internet maybe you’ll confused more, cause so many photos around here but nobody can give you a firm answer. Let’s have a check for the jersey photos for both the road and mountain.

Mountain Bicycle jersey front

Mountain Bicycle jersey back

Cycling jersey front

Cycling jersey back

What’s the fit difference?

Through the photos, we can learn typically the cycling are tighter, with the full zipper on the front, the front panel is shorter cause you need to bent over when you cycling, the back panel is longer than the front panel to protect the waist. The cycling wear is more like a tight fit to against air make your speed being as fast as possible. Also there are 3 rear pockets on the back, to carry your food, tools, bottles, cards. Cause most of the time you’ll fighting with yourself on the road with around 5-8 hours when you ready for a long trip, need water, food supplements.

mountain bicycle jersey collar

cycling jersey collar

But MTB jersey prefer no pockets, and no zipper on the front. Most importantly, the MTB jersey is a very loose fit. Cause the mountain rider need to more rooms to do the actions.

Generally the cycling wear with short sleeve and long sleeve, but for the MTB jersey it have a extra 3/4 sleeve, this is rarely to see on the cycling wear.

Men Mountain Bicycle jersey

Women Mountain Bicycle jersey front

Men Mountain Bicycle jersey

Women Mountain Bicycle jersey

And what I can carry with the 3 pockets?

I got many feedback and the main question is: why the road have a pocket and the MTB jersey don’t?

This is actually one same question, you can put everything want to carry, pump, water bottle, arm/knee/leg warmers, wind vest, rain jacket, etc. Again, everything you want to quick access to.

But for myself, I don’t recommend put your cell phone on the 3 rear zipper pockets, I prefer to keep my cell phone in my backpack, I am really fear of losing it or popping out.

The other question often being asked is: the cycling all with tight fit, how about if I need a loose fit, is this possible?

Sure, of course, you can custom the size as you want. They are have 2 fits: one with the race cut (tight fit), and the other is club cut (loose fit).

If you want to learn more information please feel free to contact us, as a China sportswear over 10 years factory we have confidence that can help you to choose the best one.

Custom your own style, let us know your ideas.