Project Description

POLO breathable, moisture wicking and absorbing,quick dry

What can I wear for a relax cycling ?

This is really not so complicated, you can wear what you want, a cycling jersey, a t shirt whatever the content with cotton or polyester cotton, or a singlet, that would be fine. If this only for the leisure riding, please try a breathable polo shirt.

What can I wear for both cycling and work, and how to look stylish when cycling to work?

polo breathable

polo breathable

If with a classic cycling jersey that would looks weird, most of them with full digital printing with colorful drawings. It will not suitable for most of the work place, only if you are working in a bike shop, design company or Google? In that case, I suggest the POLO shirt for both your cycling and work place, and the casual, this is would be a best choose.

Even if for a relax cycling with short distance, it would better to choose a breathable, quick dry moisture wicking and absorbing sports shirt, it’s better than the cotton or polyester/ cotton.

What fabrics are use on the polo shirt?

If for the sportswear whatever cycling, running, jogging, the 100% polyester with quick dry, breathable would always the best choose. The three below fabrics will be the best one for our last experience: soccer mesh fabric, bird eye mesh fabric and the plaid mesh fabric. They all with 100% polyester and around 140gsm/m2, they are not kinds of super lightweight, but breathable and quick dry, this is almost the most important factor which can influence the sports wear, it’s more than the fit. (of course the fit also one of the most important factor.)

soccer mesh fabric-cycling jersey

bird eye mesh fabric-cycling jersey

plaid mesh fabric-cycling jersey

We’ve been made thousands of sports wear every year, we admit there are also have hundreds of different fabrics in the market, but for my experience, the above 3 fabrics are quality stability, you can say they are the “classic fabrics”. Not only the last years, these breathable and quick dry 100% polyester fabrics still have their market and popular. Especially in the POLO shirt, cycling jersey, running shirt such sports wear. Below are the polo detail photos FYI, please feel free to talk with us, we are happy to talk with you.

polo 100% polyester fornt veiw

polo 100% polyester breathable collar and buttons

polo 100% polyester back veiw

polo quick dry and breathable fabric sleeve

Custom your own style, let us know your ideas.