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Sleeveless Cyling Jersey

Sleeveless Cycling Jersey

         – the best breathable and quick dry fabrics.

Cycling is becoming a very popular and worldwide sport, there are hundreds of cycling clothing (sleeveless cycling jersey, bib shorts, gloves, caps, warmers, and other sports wear) has been designed to serve it

From the last 10 years, we had made thousands of cycling clothing and other related sports wear, for my experience, I will recommend you 5 cost-effective fabrics popular in these years. This information maybe would help you to learn more before you ready to place a order.

Sleeveless Cyling Jersey

First 3 basic fabrics all with 100% polyester, you can use any one on all the cycling jersey parts (front, back and side panels, sleeves, collars, 3 rear pockets…) . They are very popular from the last years and still now, they keep the good quality with breathable and quick dry. I personal like the soccer mesh fabric on the sleeveless cycling jersey.

Oops, forgot another thing, when you check the online store, always can read one information with fabric weights for “140-150g” or “200g”, that means the grams/m2. Just remember the big number means big weight, also means the fabric is heavy and thick. On the sports wear, we prefer to use the lightweight material to keep it quick dry and breathable.

If with “100g”, that means the fabric is super light weight, thin. Whatever the weight can’t influence the breathable and quick dry function.

sleeveless cycling jersey

bird eye mesh fabric-cycling jersey

plaid mesh fabric-cycling jersey

What’s the Spandex material?

The below 2 fabrics will be the best option when you ready to make your cycling jersey more flexible and elastic. Sure, these 2 fabrics also my favorite. The jacquard mesh fabric with 140g, 100% polyester it’s the same content with the soccer, bird eye and plaid mesh fabric. The butterfly mesh fabric is a little difference, it’s with 170g the content with 85% polyester and 15% spandex.

The spandex, don’t make it too difficult to understand, it means the fabric elastic. If the spandex content with big proportion, that means the fabric is with large elastic force, it will make you body get more room and as flexible as possible when you wear the sportswear, whatever long sleeve, short sleeve or sleeveless cycling jersey.

jacquard mesh fabric-cycling jersey

butterfly mesh fabric-cycling jersey

Want to learn more sportswear information?

When you are looking for a good jersey and want to be looks good, please call or Email Deze Sportswear. It’s all about your thing to getting the whole sports wear information from us, to make sure you understand the size, color and fabric information match. I believe Deze Sportswear will help you enjoy your ride from now.

printing room cycling-jersey

Remember: Before you are ready to buy your sleeveless cycling jersey, get a fitting and comfortable as well as quick dry, breathable fabric is super important. The best sportswear is always there, you have to know what suits you more better.

Custom your own style, let us know your ideas.