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What is a cycling wind vest?

Should I wear one when I ready to ride, have you ever wonder about it?

A cycling wind vest is the tech clothing for the cycling sports, as we may realized the cycling sports is becoming very popular and super welcomed worldwide, thousands of small or big cycling race every year, events cycling, promotions cycling, charity cycling (with all my respect for their effort), as well as the Tour De France the worldwide known race. So a cycling jersey is the clothing designed served for all the cycling sports.

It’s kinds of like a cycling jersey, the jersey with full length zipper down the front, 3 rear zipper pockets can carry your tools, cards, bottles, foods. OK, whatever you want to carry and need on the road. The front panel is shorter because you need to bent over when you cycling, the back panel is much longer than front so it can protect your waist.

On the bottom hem there will have a silicon grip tap that can avoiding the clothing up and down when you riding, it’s the anti-skid tape. These are the main parts for a cycling jersey. Please check below photos FYI.

Cycling jersey front view

Cycling jersey back view

Cycling jersey 100% polyester fabric breathable and quick dry

Cycling jersey front zipper

Cycling jersey 3 rear pockets

Cycling jersey anti-skid tape

A good cycling jersey mainly focus on the details, the main factor will influence the functional is the fabric. As we all clear that nobody like hot and wet over our body, this will be a super horrible memory, so the fabric needs to be moisture wicking and absorbing. We can don’t care how expensive or how cheap with a cycling jersey, but we should care about if the cycling jersey, the fabrics are breathable, quick dry? Below 3 photos are the fabrics commonly used on the cycling jersey.

soccer mesh fabric-cycling jersey

bird eye mesh fabric-cycling jersey

plaid mesh fabric-cycling jersey

How can I have one good cycling wind vest?

Of course, if you wanna not only keep breathable but also with the wind proof, a wind vest or wind jacket would be your best choose. The wind series type similar to the cycling jersey, the main difference with the fabric, one with quick dry mainly with 100% polyester and the other one with the wind proof material and it’s NOT breathable on the front but can be breathable on the back, depend on your choose.

Cycling wind vest front

Cycling wind vest back

Cycling jacket front

Cycling jacket back

If you want to learn more information please feel free to contact us, as a China cycling clothing over 10 years factory we have confidence that can help you to choose the best one.

Custom your own style, let us know your ideas.